1. This is the Privacy Policy of RILLA CLOTHING – ABN 14 721 278 363

At RILLA CLOTHING, we are committed to safeguarding your personal information and will always handle your personal information securely and carefully. This Privacy Policy explains why we collect personal information and how we collect, use, store, disclose and protect it.

At RILLA CLOTHING we comply with all privacy laws that regulate the collection, usage, storage and protection of your personal information.

2. What is Personal Information?

Personal information includes information that you submit via the Website and information about you or that identifies you, locates you or data you own that is personal to you, including information that you provide to us and information that we collect about you, your communications and online behaviors. It also includes information that you store or send to us, including when in communication with us.

3. Personal Information RILLA CLOTHING Collects

Examples of personal information that RILLA CLOTHING may collect about you includes, but is not limited to communication data, data, searches, photographs, videos, date of birth, gender, address, friends, connections, email address, phone number, user location, nationality, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, age (“Personal Information”).

4. Why We Collect Your Data

4.1. RILLA CLOTHING may collect your Personal Information to:

4.1.1. provide a premium user experience;
4.1.2. properly identify you;

4.1.3. communicate with you;
4.1.4. provide you our Products and Services;
4.1.5. continue to improve upon its business generally;

4.1.6. perform market research; and
4.1.7. allow you to store Personal Information and other information and manage your data (including Personal Information) via the account area.

5. Your Consent

By being a User and accessing the Website, you authorise RILLA CLOTHING to collect, manage, use and store Personal Information about you and handle it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

6. How We Collect Your Personal Information

How We May Collect Personal Information from Visitors

6.1. If you are a User we may collect information such as your current location, locations you have visited, device type, the browser you use and the operating system that you are using when you visit our Website. We also may collect information of the website that you have visited prior to use and data such as the advertisement that you clicked on that directed you to our Website. We may also collect data on how you use our Website.

6.2. We may also collect information that you submit via any forms on our Website and from emails that you send to us.

How We May Collect Personal Information from Users

6.3. If you are a Customer we store Personal Information that you use in order to make a purchase from our online store. RILLA CLOTHING will also store Personal Information such as what you have liked and commented on, your location and your communication data – and other Personal Information required to maintain your account, pursuant to the Term of Use and you otherwise choose to upload or is otherwise required for RILLA CLOTHING to fulfil its obligations pursuant to the Terms of Use or as required by law.

How We May Collect Personal Information Generally

6.4. Cookies: RILLA CLOTHING may, via its website, use tracking through cookies, tracking pixels and other similar technologies. Cookies are small pieces of code that are stored on your computer. This is aimed to improved your user experience, for example: to remember your user name. Cookies can also track information about your usage habits such as times of day, dates, etc. They can also store information that may show advertisements when you visit other websites.
6.5. Tracking Tags: We may use tracking tags on our Website for a variety of reasons. These tags can monitor your usage of the Website. RILLA CLOTHING may also use tracking tags to deliver you ads that best suit your demographic or to analyse data to measure online ad performance.

7. How You Can Manage Your Personal Information

7.1. If you are a User and create an account via our Website, regardless of whether you make a purchase or not, you are able to manage (including update) your Personal Information from the account area of the Website.
7.2. Within your mobile settings you may disable the location services if you wish to stop your location being shared.
7.3. You may also switch cookies off in your web browser settings, if you do not wish cookies to be stored on your device.
7.4. If you feel that there has been cookie data stored on your device that you do not want stored, you may delete the cookie data as well as your browsing history to further protect your privacy.
7.5. If you have trouble accessing your Personal Information, please contact us via email at info@rillaclothing.com.au

and our team will assist you.
7.6. If you require assistance regarding our handling of your Personal Information, we will normally respond within 7 calendar days and will endeavour to provide assistance regarding your Personal Information.
7.7. If we are unable to retrieve the Personal Information you request, then we will respond as soon as reasonably practicable and inform you the reasons why RILLA CLOTHING was either unable to or otherwise refuses to do so.

8. Retaining Your Data

8.1. RILLA CLOTHING stores your Personal Information and data for as long as it deems necessary and reasonable for our business purposes. For example, analytical and behavioural data may be retained for several years, whereas other Personal Information may be deleted when you close your account or your account is terminated.
8.2. We may also be required to store your data for an indeterminate period if compelled by law. For example, your purchase records will be kept for a minimum period of five (5) years pursuant to the requirements of the Australian Taxation Office.

9. Personal Information We May Share

9.1. Technology Services – To ensure that RILLA CLOTHING ’s services that are delivered via the Website operate to the highest standards, including performance, reliability and security, it is necessary to share this personal information with such third-party technology service providers who provide the required specialised services to RILLA CLOTHING .
9.2. Professional Services – RILLA CLOTHING may also share your information with our trusted contractors, business and marketing professionals, accountants, lawyers and other professional services for the purpose of legal, administrative, marketing and other business services.
9.3. Legally Required – RILLA CLOTHING may also provide your information if so compelled by law or order of a relevant and competent authority.
9.4. Commercial Transactions – If there is a change of control in our business or a sale or transfer of business assets, we reserve the right to transfer to the extent permissible at law our user databases, together with any Personal Information and non-personal information contained in those databases or information contained on servers that we manage, controls or has any rights of access. This information may be disclosed to a potential purchaser under an agreement to maintain confidentiality. We would seek to only disclose information in good faith and where required by any of the above circumstances. We will ensure that the third parties with whom we disclose your Personal Information to, as required under the Terms of Service, also have equally high privacy standards.

10. Third Party Websites

There may be advertising by third parties within RILLA CLOTHING. Be aware that if you choose to click on the link to take you to another destination, including but not limited to, a website, a download of app or other software. Therefore, when you visit third party sites, do not endorse anyone else’s Privacy Policy (or terms of use) and we recommend you read all third-party site’s Privacy Policy (and Terms of Service) before continuing to engage with any third party.

11. Privacy of Minors

RILLA CLOTHING access is restricted to those 18 years of age and older and to those who are under the age of 18 who have the consent of a parent of legal guardian, pursuant to RILLA CLOTHING ’s Terms of Service. We therefore are not in a position to know whether or not we collect the data of anyone under the age of 18 years of age.

12. Updates to this Privacy Policy

12.1. RILLA CLOTHING reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time for the purposes of maintaining proper standards in handling Personal Information and otherwise maintaining standards in-line with technological advancements.
12.2. You are advised to check this Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure that you understand the most-recent form of this Privacy Policy because by the continued use of the Website, you accept the most-recent and up to date version of this Privacy Policy is in effect.
12.3. If you do not consent to any changes or updates to this Privacy Policy, you must not continue using the Website and must inform us of such.

13. How to contact us

If you would like to contact us about the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, make a request or lodge a complaint, you may do so by sending RILLA CLOTHING an email to info@rillaclothing.com.au